Individually these are both great aged rums that are perfect for cocktails like Daiquiri's, Mojit os, Pilar's etc, so when your cocktail needs a bit more character you can reach for something that can deliver the flavour and intensity you need.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣


The Reserva Exclusiva from Diplomatico—distilled in copper pot stills and aged for 12 years— is considered among the best rums from Venezuela, a country which was, itself, way ahead of the US on

Aromas of toffee, cocoa, banana and almond are balanced by vanilla, citrus peel and big oak. Havana Club’s Primer Maestro Romero, Don José Navarro, describes the brand’s Añejo Blanco as “The whitest of all aged rums, the most aged of all white rums”. The Havana Club Añejo Blanco is distilled and aged in Puerto Rico for one year. Then, the aged rums are blended together and aged for another two months. Ambassador is a blend of 100% pot-still rums aged in American oak for at least 12 years, followed by two years in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, a one-two punch that diversifies and amplifies the flavor.

Aged rum brands

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Rum, Rums, Aged Dark Rum. Showing results 1 to 10. Sort By. alphabetical, best sellers, newest, price - high to low, price - low to high. Per Page. 30, 60, 90, all.

Rum is a very diverse category of liquor with many great brands, labels, and styles available. Be mindful of brands that add numbers to their names but avoid mentioning “years” (see: Zacapa 23), as these don’t necessarily reflect the blend’s age.

29 Mar 2021 Best rum · 1. Mount Gay - XO - 43% · 2. El Dorado - 12 - 40% · 3. Ableforth's Rumbullion! - 42.6% · 4. Cut Rum - Spiced - 37.5% · 5. Diplomatico 

749 kr. Westerhall No.2 37.5%, 70cl. Westerhall  Plantation Rums. Det faktum att många destillerier köpte upp gamla cognacfat för att förfina sina olika rom gjorde det möjligt för Alexandre Gabriel att komma i  Shop our collection of premium rum available for purchase online. Light rums are commonly used in cocktails whereas golden and dark rums  Absolut Vodka Brands In Kenya & Their Prices. Sort By Price / ABV, Price Low - High, Price High - Low, Alcohol % Low-High, Alcohol % High-Low.

Dark rum · White rum · Spiced rum · Dark rum · White rum · Spiced rum. Alcohol Percentage. Min%. Min%. och lokal dominans. Idag firar vi att Motörhead Premium Dark Rum blivit belönad med guldmedalj av Made by Altia and Åland-based Smakby distillery, Ö Dark Rum is the first rum to Finland as a raw distillate,” says Altia's Brand Ambassador Mikael Karttunen,  It is craftsmanship with the most exclusive rums aged in bourbon barrels, gives origins to a rum with exceptional qualities and his 15 & 20 years of aging confirm it.
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Aged rum brands

Light rums are commonly used in cocktails whereas golden and dark rums  Absolut Vodka Brands In Kenya & Their Prices. Sort By Price / ABV, Price Low - High, Price High - Low, Alcohol % Low-High, Alcohol % High-Low. Product  Streama Rum i 720p, Ström Rum i svenska usually aged in oak barrels The majority of the worlds rum production occurs in the Caribbean A Guide to Popular Rum Brands by Style and Price ~ Rum is made throughout the  Transcript of Still Rum SPA. Glm alla cocktails Barrel Aged Rum, and Natural Flavors COFFEE FRUIT CHILI Table 3.1- Global Strategic Rum Brands 22. Brands For Fans är ett ledande svenskt bolag inom marknadsföring och Releasen av Motörheads Premium Dark Rum blev en succé och  Bacardi Rums are the only choice for the perfect cocktail. flavoured, Bacardi offer it all Our premium rums are aged under the Caribbean sun for a series of.

#Motörheadrum Imponerande klass på Motörhead Premium Dark Rum. Made from 100% Chardonnay in Burgundy and a dose of oak-aged from Chablis, this luxurious sparkling wine is presented in a desirable white and gold bottle.
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Mezan Jamaica XO Rum is the brand's extra-old expression, blending Jamaican rums from several different distilleries aged between 4 and 23 years. After blending, the rum is aged in ex-bourbon oak casks to marry the flavors before bottling.

The Dark Rums Brands. The Dark Rums Brands are usually aged for longer periods of at least five years in charred barrels, with a slightly different production process made from caramelized sugar or molasses. They contain hints of spices and provide substance in rum drinks. 2020-04-20 2019-05-28 2017-04-18 2020-06-04 It has been acclaimed for some of the finest brands of rum in this world and one amongst the most revered ones is Bacardi Facundo.

Aug 17, 2020 That being said, dark and spiced rums are still great in basic cocktails that amplify their flavours. White rum is typically unaged or aged for a 

The result is its signature flavour mix of vanilla, smoke and tobacco flavours. This rum is perfect to make a tropical or Tiki style drink. Country of Origin: Puerto Rico Alcohol content: 75.5% Size 2018-08-02 · Some rum is better taken without a mixer and Mount Gay, which claims to be the oldest rum distillery in the world with a deed from 1703, has created a corker. ‘XO’ stands for extra old and is a blend of different rums aged between seven and 15 years old. Rum is distilled in either pot or column stills and laid to rest in barrels - often old bourbon barrels but other woods and steel are also used.

we are distributing this product in  Buy Absolut vodka brands in Kenya online from Nairobi Drinks at the best vodka price in Kenya. Visit our online liquor store to enjoy free vodka delivery in  Launched in Sweden late last year, the KISS range of Premium Dark Rums have taken Europe by storm, not only for their premium flavour, but their absolute true  Romen har destillerats i Guatemala och är lagrad på 50 liters ex sherry whiskyfat « Elf 2020 - Rum Aged in Swedish Whisky Casks - 50% Kryddig smak med inslag av torkad tropisk frukt, vanilj, marsipan, ljus choklad, apelsin och arrak. Palmera is the name of this fine rum from the Aldea distillery, to honor the good idea of the island's women. Ed. 17 Ron Duro de La Palma 7 years of aging at the  A rum, dark in color, aged longer and with much stronger flavor than gold rum. brands, such as Johnnie Walker Red Label, Gordon's gin and Bacardi rum,  H&Z Brands Ek Always nice with rum from your hometown • • H&Z Brands EK Finally I got my bottle of Friendship Rum A double aged blended  Traditional bourbon from one of the oldest whiskey brands around, now bottled at the lower abv of 40%. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Aged in Rum Barrels Merlot 2018. Rött vin från Monterey Denna vingård är en del av Constellation Brands.